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Gerard BassetWhen I first met Andrew Ashurst in the beautiful surroundings of Catalonia, I was struck by his genuine love for wine and especially too his great desire to make the vocabulary that communicates all matters related to wine very precise for those studying the English language. 

Indeed, Andrew and his colleagues at The St. Paul’s English Academy have done wonderful work in making English language wine vocabulary not only accessible, but more importantly, enjoyable for people wanting to improve their English language skills whilst learning about one of their favourite topics – Wine.  It is such a brilliant idea.  I greatly recommend all of the previous books published by The St. Paul’s English Academy that explain wine making and Cava making. In fact, even those who have already an excellent mastering of the English language wine vocabulary will find plenty to read about, discover and benefit from this excellent series of books.

I feel greatly honoured to have been asked to write a few words for Andrew Ashurst’s book ‘English for Wine Tasters’.  Quite a few years ago, I myself wrote a book about wine tasting, so it is a subject I am deeply passionate about and for which I am constantly working to improve my technique and my understanding of this truly fascinating topic. 

Wine tasting is not really such an easy subject to explain in simple words but Andrew has succeeded.  I have a great number of wine books at home on this topic alone and Andrew’s book will complement superbly my large collection.  More importantly, this book will help many students to develop their skills in the English language tasting vocabulary.  It will give them confidence to express clearly the sensations and emotions they experience when tasting the many wines they like.

Bravo and thank you Andrew for another great wine book for us to enjoy!

Gerard Basset OBE, MW and MS