Prefacio del libro por Pere Bonet

Pere BonetJust like it happened with many other products, cava consumption has become global, has crossed our local borders and has reached the main wine and sparkling wine markets, charming more and more people apart from its old and faithful clientele, gained almost a century and a half ago.

This has become possible through the efforts made by entire generations of viticulturists who have had faith in their products and have put together their talent and knowledge.

Since cava started being made, at the end of the 19th century, its quality has undoubtedly improved. There is also a much wider range of cavas, suitable for all moments and perfect for matching worldwide cuisines. This great improvement, both in quality and variety, has taken place due to an increasingly advanced training received by viticulturists. Cava culture has evolved and the whole sector has enormously progressed. All the processes involved in the making of cava are now exhaustively known and mastered, from vine cultivation to vinification methods and marketing, the latter being an essential part in the exportation of the ‘Méthode traditionelle’. Briefly said, our world has become richer and, at the same time, more complex.

Nowadays, we, cava professionals, must keep up with the singularity and fame of our product.

We should value all the efforts made and the achievements that make us different on a competitive market and what differentiates us positively from a consumer’s point of view. We must be aware of the fact that cava is one of the great wines of Old Europe, one that has best evolved and has become ‘best value’ on international markets, almost a denomination of origin in itself, a pedigreed product, highly competitive and very reasonably priced.

There is still a lot to be done, as everything keeps evolving in this global economy, not so much from the point of view of cava making but from that of marketing the product. It has to be done, because we are in an advantageous position; our land is one of the most privileged, our wines – and cava is no exception – are excellent, our youth are talented and hardworking and they know how to make the most of an opportunity and to aim high, at conquering the international markets. And this is why Andrew Ashurst’s book is an absolute must.    

Pere Bonet, Director of Communications of Segura Viudas